About Refugees

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, there are approximately 4.1 Million Syrian refugees across the globe. This figure includes 2.1 million Syrians in the Middle East, 1.9 million in Turkey, as well as more than 24,000 Syrian refugees in North Africa. Millions of Syrians need our help. The more aware people are of the situation, the more we can build a global response to reach them. This critical campaign is to sponsor refugees and connect them to the resources they need to survive and help their communities grow and recover from the disastrous situations.


Canada has responded to the United Nations request to sponsor 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next 2 years. Currently, Syrians are the largest refugee population in the world.

Cost of Sponsorship

According to the Canadian Immigration & Citizenship, it costs approximately $27,000 to sponsor a family of 4 for one year. THe following breakdown is published on the CIC website:


Sponsorship Cost Table

Family Size 12 Months of Income Support Start-up Costs Estimated Total Annual Settlement Cost ($)
1 9,800 2,800 12,600
2 16,800 4,400 21,200
3 17,700 5,300 23,000
4 20,000 7,000 27,000
5 22,500 7,200 29,700
6 24,500 8,000 32,500
Additional member 1,550 1,000 2,550

For more information, please visit the CIC website.