How will the funds be allocated?

MAC will collaborate with local humanitarian Canadian agencies and accredited SAH (Sponsorship Agreement Holders) organizations to identify and sponsor Syrian refugees. Guidelines to the selection criteria that we have used in collaboration with the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto are that:

  • They are living outside of Syria (preferably in Lebanon or Jordan)
  • They cannot go back to Syria due to possibility of imprisonment or other punishment
  • They have no other viable options for settlement in other countries including where they are currently living
  • They are not considered criminals in any other jurisdiction (Interpol)
  • They have documented UNHCR refugee status
  • They have their other documents with them (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate)
  • They have family in Canada in the city where they are being sponsored
  • They are contactable via phone/email
  • They are able to travel to the local Canadian visa office
  • Their children are under the age of 16

Some other important factors are:

  • There is a plan as to how the family will support itself after the 12 month period
  • The family they have where they are being sponsored in Canada is an active member of a bigger community.

Can I get a tax-receipt for my donation?

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Yes. MAC is a charitable organization. Upon request, tax receipts are issued electronically or by mail.

Where will the money go?

Specifically, the money donated will go towards easing the transition for the refugees here in Canada by:

  • providing financial support of lodging, living and clothing supplies
  • providing medical care and other support services
  • education and language training
  • assisting in rent, utilities, and transportation
  • emotional and logistical support

Our organization is keen on ensuring that every dollar of your donation is used to help refugee families better their lives. EmbraceSyria is a 0% administrative fee campaign.

How do I get involved?

EmbraceSyria is a volunteer run campaign. It takes people like you, who are generous with their time and effort, to enable us to keep steady on our mission to  alleviating the suffering of our brothers and sisters in humanity.